Technical Check

Test your computer for this online event. See Technical Requirements.


If your speakers or headphones are on, click the triangular play button below. You should hear audio playing. If you do, you should be all set to hear the live webcast audio during the live event. Proceed to Step 2.

If you do not hear the audio, please check that your headphones or speakers are connected properly, and that your computer volume is turned up. You may need to click the triangular play button to the right to re-start the audio (it will only play for about 90 seconds on this page). If you do not see the green audio control buttons above, you may not have the Flash player installed. Click here to see if you have the Flash Player.


Test the speed of your computer’s internet connection. It is recommended that your broadband connection supports download speeds of 0.5 Mbps (or 500 kbps) or higher. Most high-speed cable, DSL or office LAN connections support this speed.

Check Now

Click the "check now" button above. A new window will open. Click “Begin Test”. When the test finishes, you want the download speed at the top to be at least .5 Mbps (or 500 kbps).

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